The choice smart
from the start


199 – how come this name?
Even little children can grasp the idea of the number hundred. When they say “hundred” they mean “a lot”. And that’s us, offering you a lot of interesting toys.

We want to offer such an amount of products that you won’t get bored sorting through them, but will be able to focus on them completely. That is why we offer a set of 99 toys which we will constantly replace. We will do it in a way that will guarantee that the set always presents a consistent collection.


We are a group of very different people: artists, designers, technologists, product safety specialists, pedagogues, psychologists, teachers, educators and, of course, parents.

We share the same conviction that the choice of a proper toy is an extremely important decision. While playing a child experiences a great deal of things that widen its perception of the world. Playing is in a way a very serious undertaking of a child who gets to know oneself.

In every language the word “play” is associated with a certain image. Most of the times we see a cheerful, colourful, carefree world and forget that a child experiences finiteness, irreversibility of processes and feelings of loss connected with it as well. We want to offer you toys that create an actual bond between a child and the world, and make a child an active participant and creator of a play.

A self-created game opens up a child’s mind, enabling further education. It also develops language skills, ability to communicate in abstract terms and shapes a child’s symbolic imagination. The toys characterized by these qualities must intrinsically be works of art. The toys we offer are beautiful in the classical meaning of this word: beautiful, truthful and good.